Entire Otisville Prison Complex Closed for Visitors After Child With Measles Visits

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Both prison complexes in Otisville, N.Y, were closed indefinitely – at least until after Pesach – after a child who was infected with the measles was there as a visitor, Boro Park 24 reports.

Rabbi Moshe Margereten, a prominent prisoners’ advocate, said that the prison – both the camp which houses prisoners with lighter offenses and medium security lockup for prisoners serving longer sentences – will be closed to all visitors for the time being.

The child, who was from Williamsburg, was visiting his father who was incarcerated. The father is due to be released after Pesach.



  1. The child was a 10 month baby which is too young for shots… And their were no symptoms till after the visit

  2. What are they so scared of? They were all vaccinated. Weren’t they? Are they admitting that the vaccinations toyg auf kaporess and these vaccination immunity dwindles after 2 years? Wake up people and smell the coffee. More proof that VACCINATIONS ARE WORTHLESS.

    • Every single adult who recently got the measles were vaccinated. Check it out instead of hiding your head in the sand and imagining stuff. I personally know a few – adults ranging from teenagers to 40 year olds; 2 over 30.

      Not 1 person over 56 contracted measles because they were immune to it as they got the actual measles disease as children. Get your facts straight before you post.

  3. Dave, You are such a pathetic liar. Last I checked that is assur. And you are lying to everyone in public!!

    If everyone gets the vaccination then it works. If less then 97% of the population get it then all bets are off. Why can’t you dumb and dangerous people understand that!!!???

    • it used to be 80%, then 85% until this year it was 95% now you are saying 97% soon it will be only 100%.. Obviously, it is a cruel HOAX.

  4. To whom it may concern.

    We have a terrible outbreak of measles in Detroit and want to help protect your city. PLEASE PLEASE take this crisis very seriously and use your platform to literally save lives. Measles in adults can cause pneumonia, blindness, deafness, heart disease and even death.

    Three weeks ago we had a visitor with measles who traveled through Detroit. TWENTY people, ALL IMMUNIZED, caught it from that one individual! Without knowing, we all spread it and now we face a second even larger wave. It takes 7-12 days after initial exposure for the virus to take hold and become active (in some people). I was one of the people in the first wave of twenty and I gave it to my immunized wife and ten-year-old and they are a part of the new even larger wave. I started having symptoms two weeks ago and, although I’m recovered from measles, I still have residual effects that people don’t always consider: I am still VERY WEAK, have bronchitis, and my cornea was injured so my vision is very blurry. And I’m going crazy watching this horror play out. My Purim seuda consisted of weak tea and crackers, and I shudder to think of all those who had active viruses who went to megilla reading, Purim celebrations and distributed shalach manos.

    a) Those born from 1957-1985 should get re-tested for immunity and if need be re-immunized for measles. It takes about five minutes at your local health center or doctor’s office. (It wasn’t standard to get 2 MMR shots till 1985. Many born before then probably received only one and that is not enough, as the vaccine wasn’t perfected until the mid 70s.)
    b) If you have ANY flu/virus symptoms, assume it’s measles until you rule that out (with a healthcare professional)! The contagion factor is what is overwhelming our city

    1) For the FOUR FIRST DAYS after the virus is active, a person might not know he/she is infected, and for the first THREE days, that person may feel relatively good and go out into the community. There lies the problem. Every building that person enters, wherever the person goes, he/she leaves the virus in the air for TWO HOURS.
    2) Even people with full immunization have a 3% chance of getting it when exposed.
    3) For the first four days, measles appears like a regular virus. Treat any virus symptom as measles until this is brought under control. .
    4) People born before 1957 are presumed to have had measles and are immune but we had one case of a 65 year old man who got the measles too.



    I just spoke to the head nurse at the county health department. She said they anticipate the next wave will be much lighter because of mass immunization. 2000 immunizations were recently given in the Detroit frum community to persons born between 1957-85 before they had exposure.

    That’s the value of education.

    One person infected 20 uneducated. Those 20 hopefully will have less impact because of education and immunization.

    Let’s get the word out and organize a mass global education and immunization program in every city coast to coast.

    Let’s get into action to get every single person born between 1957-85 immunized before Pesach. The Orthodox community is particularly vulnerable because of frequent travel and Shul attendance. Everyone needs to be educated not to go to Shul or any public place if they have virus symptoms. (Aching or temperature). For the first four days, a person with measles will not know they have it but will be contagious and leave the virus airborne for two hours in any building they enter.

  5. When the word gets out that prison visits for everyone are being curtailed for about three weeks due to one ultra-Orthodox child with the measles, life might become more unpleasant for some Otisville residents.


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