Ex-Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen ‘Loving’ Prison Life At Otisville’s Correctional Institution


Michael Cohen, the convicted former personal lawyer to US President Donald Trump, says he is making new friends in prison and enjoying time away from the spotlight, according to a person familiar with Cohen’s first few weeks there.

“He’s loving it there,” the person told Reuters. “Peace, quiet. He wants to stay there. He’s in the gym every day. He’s loving life.”

Cohen, 52, is housed in a minimum security camp for white collar criminals at Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York, about 70 miles (110 kilometers) northwest of New York City.

The camp is known for its substantial population of Jewish inmates such as Cohen because of its proximity to Jewish enclaves in New York City and elsewhere in the state, employing a full-time rabbi and offering kosher meals.

The camp, which is not fenced in, also offers weights and other exercise equipment, a basketball court, a tennis area and a baseball field, and bocce ball.

The person familiar with Cohen’s time in Otisville said that Cohen was relieved to be free of public attention and of the anxiety he felt before reporting to prison on May 6.

Cohen “hates the food,” the source said. “This is a guy who ate in all the best restaurants.”

Lanny Davis, a spokesman for Cohen, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Cohen, who is married with two children, once said he would “take a bullet” for Trump but then turned against him in court and in testimony to the US Congress as investigations mounted into the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

Reuters and Algemeiner Staff



  1. Really? I would believe anything the international liar says. Both when he bashes Trump, and that he loves prison.
    BTW, why did he get sent there?

  2. Prison is not a place where you can loaf around all day. You have to work every day. You get penalized/punished for mistakes or perceived mistakes. The jobs they force you to do are not prestigious. It’s very degrading for most normal family people. Cohen is lying again. Nobody “relaxes” in prison.

  3. …..according to Reuters, “according to a person familiar with Cohen’s first few weeks there.” This means that it is 3rd hand information, and we are supposed to believe it? Besides which Reuters has a reputation for reportage that is extremely biased against the Jews. It seems that Reutters has in interest in portraying Jews who have been convicted of a crime as somehow being treated better than their Gentile counterparts.

    The statement that the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York offers kosher meals.
    weights and other exercise equipment, a basketball court, a tennis area and a baseball field, and bocce ball is misleading and full of half truths.

    Kosher meals are not offered to inmates, they are earned by inmates through hard labor for which they are paid 33 cents an hour and which is deposited in his commissary account. it is this money that the inmate can spend in order to enjoy a lavish kosher meal of Tradition imitation chicken soup.

    The exercise and gaming equipment are there on the premises, but the inmates have virtually no access to them. They are used mostly by correction officers. These officers, whose life is one continuous tedium, would otherwise go out of their minds from boredom. Their life is comparable to watching a turtle in a terrarium for 8 hours straight with no relief.

    Also, regarding the gaming equipment, the same was also present in the German camp of Theresienstadt, and was shown to Red Cross officials as “proof” of how well the Jewish inmates were treated.


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