EXTRA $500 Back Till Monday Night: Insane Lease Sale on Highlander XLE


Price too low to post, but believe us – it is DIRT CHEAP.

Plus you get an extra $500 rebate – but only till Monday night.

Plus tax and $1,395 down. 10k miles a year. First come, first served. Limited stock available.

CALL 732-966-5080 or EMAIL



Need a lease? Need a car? Worried that it’s a difficult process? Don’t worry for a second. Roadmaster will take care of it all for you, worry-free, hassle-free, at the best price – guaranteed.



  1. Infiniti, Infiniti, In-Fin-Feroo
    I love your car, but my old Chevy must do
    Infiniti, Infiniti, In-Fin-Feree
    Unless you happen to have one that’s free

  2. If I was stranded on an islet
    With just one wish to make
    I’d wish for this fine Honda Pilot
    Some herring, schnapps and cake

    A rescue I would not decline
    But as we say in Yiddish
    “Fahr ah vegeleh azah fine
    Luz mir machen kiddish”

  3. The finest product of Korea
    Is this shiny, brand-new Kia
    Hotter than a fresh tortilla
    Your boring commute’s panacea
    It will give you an aliyah
    Like Putin when he stole Crimea
    Everyone will wanna be ya
    From Tanzania to Sofia

  4. Your shameless ad for this Toyota
    Smells worse than four-month-old ricotta
    As impeachers fill the dockets
    You just want to fill your pockets
    Every minute, every hour
    Watch the Dems abuse their power
    Our vote the Dems want to revoke
    Do you think it’s just one big joke?

  5. This is impeachment special is interesting, but first we want to call up witnesses to find out if Roadmaster is engaging in a a quid pro quo, in which the customer gets a good deal in exchange for purchasing an automobile from Roadmaster.

  6. In my humble opinion “The impeachment” is not celebratory event to have sales and discounts in it’s honor. No matter what political view one may hold, it’s certainly not a proud moment for the country. It’s derogatory and simply uneducated to hold an Impeachment sale.

  7. Do these corny sales pitches really lead to sales? Just curious, I don’t even know what they’re offering I came straight down to the comments.

    • They say the prez whispered to Pelosi that Jared and Ivanka and family are Jewish. And asked if perhaps she can tear toilet paper for them for Shabbos!

  8. All the people complaining are probably not interested in a lease anyhow.

    We can also safely assume that most are also and infected with the liberal pathogen (where the person’s logical mind and sense of humor are totally destroyed)

    For the rest of us the AD was catchy and cute…

  9. Though life has risks we must endure
    We do our best to stay secure
    Don’t change horses in midstream
    Don’t waste time on a losing team
    It’s dangerous to talk to strangers
    Or to cheer the New York Rangers
    So root for Brooklyn’s Islanders
    And drive safe, tank-like Highlanders

  10. Anonymous, I must admit,
    You had me laughing in a fit.
    I’d love to meet the fine persona,
    Who compared this to Corona.
    Now take advice, listen to me,
    Just sign the lease, it’ll soon be free.
    As Bernie would say “It isn’t trite,
    Driving is a human right!”
    Not just healthcare, student loan,
    Food stamps and Obama phone,
    In this country you shall go far,
    For everyone deserves a car!


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