Father Of Murdered Rina Shnerb Recieves Phone Call From PM, Tells Him His Daughter Died Al Kiddush Hashem

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Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, 46, who was moderately injured in an attack that killed his duaghter Rina hy”d and critically inured his son Dvir, received a phone call from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told him “myself and the people of Israel mourn with you,” Hebrew-language YNET News outlet reported.

“I wish you and your son a full recovery,” the premier added.

Shnerb responded and said, “Rina, to me is a martyr of the people of Israel. With Hashem’s help we will grow stronger, we will build more, study more Torah, be stronger, my wife and I, this is our message,” he concluded, according to local media.

A family relative, Nadav Shenhav, was cited by YNET News as saying before the funeral, “Rina was all about fully giving and and being honest with her surroundings. She came from a productive family that brings hearts together. She was a good person to everyone.”

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  1. Study more Torah? Aha…let’s see…we are waiting for that….maybe Bibi you can set an example and have the nation follow you on your road to teshuva so we dont have to suffer anymore. That’s exactly what Hashem is waiting for. Return…


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