Fauci Warns Of Risk If Too Many People Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said Sunday that he’s “cautiously optimistic” that a coronavirus vaccine will be available by the start of 2021, but warned that the U.S. would likely not reach herd immunity if a substantial portion of the population refused to take it.

Fauci said during an interview with CNN that aired as part of the Aspen Ideas Festival that he would settle for a vaccine that was 70-75 percent effective, noting that it would “bring you to herd immunity level.” But he said that it was “unlikely” the U.S. would be able to quell the outbreak if 30 percent of the population refused to take the vaccine when asked about recent survey results.

“That’s one of the reasons why we have to make sure we engage the community as we’re doing now to get … people to understand that we are doing everything we can to show that it’s safe and effective and that it’s good [for] them as individuals and society to take the vaccine,” Fauci said. “We have a lot of work to do.”

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  1. Yes, they are not revealing to the public that already three out of 15 people in the study have gotten ill from the vaccine, one with fainting and vomiting. Also, in previous testing on animals, they became deathly ill.
    They are also not revealing that their Moderna vaccine has in it RNA from aborted fetuses, which will alter our
    own genetic makeup.
    Let us pray for divine intervention before their vaccine becomes mandated……

    • Those were people at the highest dose. everyone at the lowest and medium dose were fine. those lower doses were found to be effective so they will not need to use the highest dose. Please stop scaring people with misinformation.

  2. This will not be a regular anti-vaxxer issue. Many people, myself included, will not want to take a Corona vaccine due to extreme mistrust in the government because of how they have lied to the nation all throughout this pandemic. I am by no means an anti-vaxxer, however, I now no longer trust our government at all. I highly doubt they will ever regain our trust again.

  3. The only way to get antivaxxers to vaccinate themselves would be for the medical establishment to tell them that it is dangerous. Then they would swear by that vaccine because they always know better than any doctor.

  4. “Follow the money”, can you please tell me the source of your information? Your information is quite important if true. I would love to be able to read that information for myself. It would make a good starting point for me to research the subject. Thank you.

    • Follow the Money is saying 100% truth, if only Matzav would allow people to know the truth and not censor stuff from commenters to wake up our Jewish brethren.

    • No. Why would I inject myself with highly dangerous poisonous toxins and aborted fetuses? This has nothing to with any party affiliation. Vaccines are dangerous and cause more harm than good. Just because the media and our most recent mosrim are ignorant of the facts, that doesn’t make something correct. If the government tries to force any vaccinations on the free citizens of this country, there will be a push back 100 times more severe than any silly BLM riots. Mark my words.

  5. We don’t take vaccines because the government tells us to. We take vaccines because our hishtadlus in terms of health is to follow mainstream medical advice. Plain and simple. That is why our Bubbies and Zaidies did blood letting, and that is why we do not. Our health is 100% in Hashem’s hands, and our job is to follow His Torah. If Chas V’Shalom someone gets ill from following mainstream medical advice, that is Hashem’s will. That includes vaccines. When (if) mainstream medical opinion finds that vaccines are harmful, we won’t take them. We don’t follow every crazy theory on Youtube or other sites, we follow the mainstream doctors. There are thousands and thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish doctors who want nothing but the health of their patients and will sound the alarm if something is amiss. I promise. Our hishtadlus is to ‘be normal’, and daven. If you want to ‘do research’, look at some Shailos and Teshivos of our Gedolim where they discuss health. None of them quote YouTube. Ever.

    • I don’t trust my government. Who is “government”? They are a bunch of paid politicians. They are all (both party’s) selfish pieces of manure. It’s all about how they can make as much money as possible by stepping on the dumb stupid gullible guinea pig taxpayers. Once they get what they want out of the taxpayers to further their cause, they couldn’t care less if you get hit by a bus and die. You become worthless. If they passed you in the street, they would ignore you. So now we are supposed to listen to them?!
      How many Yidden died from the measles? How many??? After all the name calling and other forms of abuse that you heaped on those that refused to get vaccinated during the dreaded measles epidemic, HOW MANY YIDDEN DIED??? WHY DON’T HE HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT THE DEADLY MEASLES ANYMORE? WHY???
      Answer: because it was one big lie! Some sleazy government politician said it was happening, so dumb stupid idiots like you believed it. Great, you are now vaccinated. You’re the best. You have no worries in life.

  6. Those who believe in the coronavirus rubbish think they’re doing the best thing and will get oilem hazeh and oilem habeh.

  7. First of all there are numerous countries out there who are trying to develop a vaccine including Israel. So not every egg is in one basket.

    The Chinese who never have to worry about anti waxxers have started to test their vaccine on their soldiers. Although they are congenital liars some valuable information might be gotten from them.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. is a well known anti waxxer. I wouldn’t take anything he says at face value.

  8. I am always fighting antivaxers, and I am a major proponent of vaccines in general. However, there is no way anyone in my family is getting this coronavirus vaccine. It needs years to be properly tested for side effects. Also, based on the absence of covid19 fatalities spike after the BLM riots a month ago, we can conclude that the herd immunity has been achieved – in NYC metropolitan area for sure, or the virus mutated into either a much less contagious or much less deadly form, which makes this vaccine unnecessary. Additionally, the medical establishment lied to us every step of this pandemic development: they lied that this virus was not airborne so that there’d be more face masks for the medical personnel’s use, they lied about the fatality rate which they claimed to be 10 times higher than what it really is, they lied about the absolute necessity of all kinds of extreme lockdown measures, etc. Even if the medical establishment had all kinds of short-term rationale for their lying, the long term effect of these lies is the loss of trust. Basically, these dumb establishment liers just gave justification to the antivaxer conspiracy theorists, and this may result in outbreaks of all kinds of preventable exotic diseases. That’s what you get when the medical field is thoroughly politicised.

  9. Matzav is taking responsibility to stop vital information from getting posted. This sort of censorship is exactly what google and Facebook are doing to the American people. But this is worse. Because they will personally be responsible in shomayim for withholding information. If any family takes this vaccine without realizing the impact, matzav and their staff and owners will be personally liable for the loss in human life

  10. There’s a new movement growing called the “questioning vacciners” .. These are people like me who never questioned vaccines. Has all my children and myself vaccined and up to date. But with enough information flowing in during our coronvirus quarantine and words and interviews coming out of the mouths of those responsible for leading us through it. The mistakes or intentions rather. The misninformation. The inconsistencies. The different laws that gives them rights over us.. WOW!!!! That is causing a lot of trouble for the future of any health or medical protocal or requirments given to citizens in the future. I am a questioning vaccine person now and will not just jump onto the bandwagon when it comes to one iyh. The Dr. Zelenko resistance also is one part that opened my eyes up. Being that I know first hand of some close ones who were cured without incident with his combo and the ruckus and falsehoods that followed. I am sure there are more people like me waking up to question it all…

  11. First give it to all the people who rushed back to shul, after all, doing so demonstrated that they are all readily eager to be test subjects.

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