FBI Ability To Hack iPhone May Not Last Much Longer

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If the FBI wants to help local law enforcement crack into iPhones, it may need to act fast. According to experts both inside and outside Apple, once the security flaw that allowed officials to get inside the mobile device is fixed, the opportunity for police to exploit this weakness will be gone for good. And it looks as though the exposure of that security flaw is inevitable, Digital Trends reports.

While the FBI has yet to disclose just how it managed to get inside an iPhone 5C at the center of a messy debate over privacy laws in the United States (and the San Bernardino tragedy), experts note that the government may soon have to reveal its secrets in a court of law. As a new Reuters report points out, if the Bureau continues to help local police forces unlock individual iPhones (which is appears they will), those responsible for hacking into the devices will likely be cross-examined and pressed for details on their methods. Read more at Digital Trends.



  1. If it was the gubmit way: all technology would be classified in levels, with the requirement of proving need to a capricious governmental bureaucrat in order to obtain a permit to use high level technology – caught using certain high level information encryption technologies without the permit – get a decade in federal prison. This way the gubmit will have all the newest technology available to snoop to its heart’s content, while the not so well connected would be stuck using the best of 1950’s telephones and vinyl disc players. Sounds too much like a dystopia science fiction? – there’ll be nothing stopping it after the establishment of the premise that the government can control information encryption technology.

    • Great point!
      The FBI should stay out of private citizens’ business and not try to crack their encrypted phones. It’s not like these folks fly jetliners into buildings, blow up subway stations and airports and gun down innocent concert-goers and party-going coworkers, is it?

      • If FBI would stick to islamonazis and leave the rest of us alone, your sarcasm would have been to the point. Unfortunately, FBI already knows a load of islamonazis, yet refuses to proactively intervene. Clearly, the gubmit objective is not to prevent terrorism, but to use it as an excuse to grow their fiefdoms.

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