FDA Ends COVID-19 Emergency-Use Authorization of Hydroxychloroquine

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Following worldwide concerns about its safety and effectiveness, the Food and Drug Administration on Monday ended its emergency-use authorization for hydroxychloroquine in treating severe COVID-19 patients. The drug has been repeatedly promoted by President Trump but large clinical trials showed that the drug was “unlikely to produce an antiviral effect,” according to the FDA’s chief scientist, Denise Hinton.

The agency first provided the authorization in March for COVID-19 patients, but opted to revoke it, along with another emergency use authorization for chloroquine, following a request from the acting director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. Read more at Politico.



  1. Every “Study” and “Trial” i came across (and there were many) were basically divided into 2 categories:

    1) They either left out the Zinc. Or began this treatment past the 5th day of symptoms.
    Those mostly ended in failure.

    2) They administered the hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc (and sometimes also Azythromicine) within the first 5 days of symptoms.
    Those all had positive results exceeding 90%. (meaning very few hospitalizations and less than 2% deaths.)

    Those who took the small doses, and only for 5 or 6 days, were rarely, if ever, harmed by the alleged side-effects.
    Worst case (for the 1% or 2% that weren’t helped) it didn’t make things worse. And wasn’t the cause of death for those that didn’t recover.

    Go ahead. Research. Google it.

    Turns out, Dr. Zelenko did hit upon the correct procedure.
    The so-called case against him, last i heard, was dropped.
    There was nothing to go on, apparently.

    • “Dr. Zelenko did hit upon the correct procedure”

      No evidence that he did. He did not enroll his patients into clinical trials and did not start his own.

      “Go ahead. Research. Google it.”

      A Google search is not a research study. There are now eight hydroxychloroquine/zinc studies either planned or underway. But at the moment the evidence for hydroxychloroquine is still anecdotal.

  2. We can get Whip-Lash, just following the “studies” of this treatment.

    Most [if not ALL] of the Studies have been Interrupted/Stopped/Re-Started etc.

    Never Before has the study of a potential helpful Treatment, gone thru insane machinations as this.

    It shows the obvious politicization of this Treatment [due to TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome]

    • Never before has a US President so enthusiastically embraced an unproven and potentially dangerous medical treatment based on basically no evidence. The politicization is BY Trump, not by his opponents. As the result of Trump’s irresponsibility it became difficult to do the clinical trials that would actually prove or disprove the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine. Furthermore, the drug supply was inadequate and people who needed the drug for lupus and arthritis found it difficult to obtain.

    • Not only that. If people will start using it also to cure cancer l”o instead of their overpriced medications and deadly chemo radiation therapy, Big Pharma could close shop for good. This is another reason they’ve tried b”H unsuccessfully over 30 times to assassinate President Trump for repealing the 1939 CRUEL Cancer Act which makes it illegal for doctors to offer alternatives to chemo or for any person to advertise a cure for cancer.

  3. It isn’t for emergency use anymore because now it’s permitted as per doctor’s discretion.
    Please report accurately. You aren’t CNN.

  4. Never before has a US President so enthusiastically embraced an unproven and potentially dangerous medical treatment based on basically no evidence. The politicization is BY Trump, not by his opponents. As the result of Trump’s irresponsibility it became difficult to do the clinical trials that would actually prove or disprove the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine. Trump’s ignorant advisors Navarro and Giuliani made things worse. Furthermore, the drug supply was inadequate and people who needed the drug for lupus and arthritis found it difficult to obtain.

  5. To fully properly contemplate Covid-19 issues, we need to view them through the view of a certain parable, which I posted at many of Matzav’s Coronavirus articles. To see my full version of it, please see the Matzav article of June 8 titled: “York City Reopens Under Phase One On Monday.”

    B’Ezras Hashem, I will repeat here a much briefer version:

    One day, an old good friend calls you and relates that he was one of many employees who were laid off in his company’s downsizing, and with no income for several months, he is completely out of money. He is now in your town and needs a place to stay for about three weeks while he finds a new job and will then get his own residence.

    So, wanting to do Tzedaka and Hachnossas Orchim, you happily invite him into your house, and everything is great as you and he chat about old times. However, his looking-for-a-job is not occurring. He refuses to to even look at the local newspaper’s “Help Wanted” ads. You offer him your computer, but he uses it only for computer games!

    You excitedly inform him of a company that just opened and that several of your friends got great jobs there. He though, claims that, that company is not a good one. You though insist that he should at least check it out. So, he does go there but is very rude to the Personal counselor who tries to interview him.

    By now, it is long past the “three weeks” that he initially requested; it is more like ten weeks going into eleven and twelve! Throughout this time, as mentioned, he is hogging your computer and your phone — for leisure. He is eating up almost all your food and leaving huge messes. As he rarely goes out, you must stay with him and cannot go to your own business.

    Then, he reveals that his former company is opening a branch in your town and making him the manager. It is THIS prestigious position of branch office manager that is his goal, and until then, which will not be for at least another six months, he is not budging from your house!!

    On top of this, you discover that your friend’s former company never “downsized”; instead, he and others were caught in a huge embezzlement scheme. As it wanted to keep the scandal quiet, the company — which itself is obviously very corrupt — is quietly paying him and planning to move him and his crew to this new office in your town.

    So, by now, it is more than glaringly clear that, all along, your so-called “friend” never intended to look for any job, most of what he told you were outright lies, and his situation had nothing to do with any Tzedaka or Chesed, as, instead, it was just a mean scam to, Chas V’Shalom, completely ruin you!!

    (Im Yirtza Hashem, to be continued)

  6. (B’Ezras Hashem, Continuation of story)

    OK, I said the Moshel – the parable; now, what is the Nimshal – what is the parable referring to?

    We were all told that there is this new gravely dangerous virus, called “Coronavirus” that “somehow” seeped out of a meat market in the Wuhan section of China. It is severely contagious, and a person carrying it will not even know that he is carrying it — and further spreading it — until a couple of weeks later when the illness starts coming out in him. The disease, called “Covid-19,” is quite deadly, with each day bringing reports of increasing numbers of deaths, Lo Alaynu.

    As the epidemic, now a pandemic, spread devastation through countries of Europe and, sooner than later reached our American shores, our governments “took action.” To try to stop the virus from spreading even further, they declared that people must not be near each other! Yes, for three weeks, do not gather together; do not even go out! “Stay in Place!” “Lockdown!”

    We cannot repeat it enough that we all well remember how, in response, we all readily and happily agreed to this. All our Gedolay Torah leaders emphatically instructed us that, as we well know, our Torah HaK’dosha clearly declares that we absolutely must avoid any possible threat to human life.

    (Im Yirtza Hashem, to be continued)

  7. (B’Ezras Hashem, continuation of my above story)

    As we were gladly locking ourselves down though, many items emerged that strongly indicated that something about this picture was very much “not right.” There were — and continue to be — actually so very many indications-of-something-not-right that I do not even know where to start!

    B’Ezras Hashem, let us start with examining one of the items that we were being told. Of the many frightening things that we were being told, one of the most fearful was that there was no known cure or treatment for it this disease. (Therefore, the ONLY defense that we had against it were the bizarre Lockdowns and Social Distancing.) However, numerous sources more and more reported about that there absolutely ARE — many — treatments and even cures for this disease.

    B’Ezras Hashem, let us for a moment look back at the parable, at the part about the new company. Again, you hear about a new company that just opened in your town, and they need many different types of new employees. You further know several people who went there and got really great jobs with good pay, and that the hours and the working conditions and the job demands are not difficult at all.

    So, you excitedly inform your destitute friend about this wonderful possibility. However, he flatly rejects it with numerous excuses: “It’s not such a good company!” “Its methods don’t work!” etc., etc. You though remind him: “Beggars cannot be choosey!” and that he thus certainly has a serious obligation to go there. So, as you repeatedly demand that he, at least, check it out, he finally goes over there.

    However, as, the true reality is that he is NOT looking for a job, when he goes there, he purposely acts in a terrible way so that the company will for sure not hire him. As he walks into their Personal office and fills out an application form, one of their counselors comes out, and in a very welcoming, friendly manner, greets him and tries to give him an interview. He though, is roughly rude to her and refuses to even answer her questions!

    (Im Yirtza Hashem, to be continued)

  8. (B’Ezras Hashem, continuation of my above story)

    As you can see, I repeated this (new company) part of the Moshel – the parable in very expanded detail. I did this because the Nimshal – what that (new company) part of the parable refers to, which is the Hydroxychloroquine part of the Covid-19 episode of FITS the (new company) part of the Moshel perfectly — like a glove!

    Again, in the Moshel, your friend is destitute; he does not even have $$$ for a hotel, so he is staying by you. But then, Boruch Hashem, you hear that there is a wonderful break for him of a new company that is giving out scores of great jobs. The Nimshal: Right at the height of the crises, when the death counts were frighteningly rising and the new Lockdown laws were taking their full effect of locking down our lives, Boruch Hashem, there came rumors that there was a way out. There is a very old pharmaceutical medication, called “Hydroxychloroquine,” that was originally made for Malaria, and now, very extensive clinical use has shown that, when taken together with the natural mineral Zinc, there has been brilliant success against the Covid-19 virus. Furthermore, it is a drug that has almost no bad side effects.

    Back in the Moshel, your friend though, giving what are obviously a bunch of lame excuses, completely dismisses any prospect with the new company. The Nimshal: The head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Anthony Stephen Fauci, MD, and countless others of his clique though, giving what are obviously a bunch of lame excuses, adamantly dismisses any use of Hydroxychloroquine. The governors of several states strictly prohibit its use and issue orders that any doctor who proscribes it will be arrested.

    They state that the drug was FDA approved only for Malaria; since it was never researched and tested for this completely new Covid-19 thing, we have no way of knowing if it works here or if it is EVEN SAFE to here!


    Hydroxychloroquine has most definitely been heavily tested for Covid-19 and shown to be highly effective and completely safe in its very numerous successful clinical uses with no bad side effects.

    [Now, the Medical-Establishement-Fauci & Co. people do not view clinical experiences as tests, for, according to them, the only test that is valid is a “Double-Blind, Placebo Test.” The Natural Healing world though, correctly asserts that Double-Blind, Placebo Tests — where half of the people in the group are not given the to-be-tested-medicine but instead are given a fake pill, called a “placebo,” and the people do not know which one (the medicine or the placebo) they are being given, thus the term “Double-Blind” — is really a very UNETHICAL way to do a test. Since the Natural Healing people decline to do these Double-Blind tests (and, instead, work with observations of clinical experience), the Modern Medical (so-called) Establishment hurls at them the totally false accusation that all their medicines and treatments are “unproven.”]

    Furthermore, it is common practice — in the Modern Medical (so-called) Establishment — that when a medicine is developed and FDA approved for a certain condition, and then, doctors notice that it also helps a different condition, they will use it to also treat that other condition, whether or not it got yet the official FDA certification for that second condition. They do this even with severely dangerous drugs.

    Back in the Moshel, you retort to your friend that he must stop his excuses and go try out that new company. The Nimshal: Vast masses of people make it glaringly clear to the governments that they do not give a hoot for their excuses; in countless public protest demonstrations against the entire Lockdown tyranny, they also demand that Hydroxychloroquine be permitted. The President of the United States himself openly announces that he will use Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc.

    Back in the Moshel, as a result of your strong insistence, your friend finally goes to the new company. However, he does NOT go there to try to get a job; on the contrary, he goes there to “show” that he CANNOT get there a job. He does this by purposely acting bad — he is very rude to the Personal counselor who tries to interview him — so, of course, they do not hire him.

    The Nimshal: As a result of all the heavy controversy, the Medical-Establishment-Fauci-&-Co. people make their own tests of Hydroxychloroquine with Covid-19. However, they do NOT do these studies to see if Hydroxychloroquine is a Covid-19 cure; on the contrary, they do them to “prove” that Hydroxychloroquine is most definitely NOT a Covid-19 cure. They do this in two ways:

    1.) They run the tests using only the Hydroxychloroquine but not the Zinc. As noted above, Hydroxychloroquine MUST BE USED TOGETHER WITH ZINC, for that is how it works. It pushes the Zinc into the cells where the Zinc then stops the virus. So, to use it without Zinc, would be like, for example, using a syringe with no medicine inside it; obviously then, nothing will go into the patient!

    2.) They run the tests on patients by whom, unfortunately, the disease is already extremely advanced to the degree that they are almost at death. It is well understandable that when ANY disease has advanced almost to the point of death, then there is no medical intervention that can “save the day.” Or, you can say it this way: When any disease has advanced almost to the point of death, then even the very best medical intervention will be coming in “too late”!

    So, they give Hydroxychloroquine purposely to patients who are very close to death, so, of course, it does not help anything. Then, shortly afterwards, the patient dies, which is obviously what was going to occur whether Hydroxychloroquine was given or not. However, since it had been given a short time before the death, these wicked Medical-Establishment-Fauci-&-Co. people falsely state that the Hydroxychloroquine had caused the death! Then they declare: “OOOO!!” “OOOO!!” “OOOO!!” (with Covid) Hydroxychloroquine is dangerous!! And they thus enact even more legal forbidden bans on it.


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