Felder Urges, “Shop Local”: Small Businesses Need Life Support

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“Small businesses are essential – to our economy and to every thriving neighborhood. Shop owners are your friends, neighbors and relatives. For months, they have been choking and now they are at the breaking point. By shopping local, we can all do our part to sustain and protect them. Look for the bright red sign,” urged Senator Felder, “and when you need to shop, remember to shop local.”

Count mom and pop shops among those lost to coronavirus. The sad reality is that many small local businesses that shuttered their doors in compliance with shelter in place orders will never reopen. With challenges mounting, the battle to survive has taken on new urgency. Senator Simcha Felder is fighting to save them and rallying for grassroots support. The campaign urges people to shop local with posters displayed in storefronts across the district alerting local customers that they are open for business.

“Local small businesses are really struggling now. I know it firsthand. Now is the time, before buying anything, to make an effort to shop local and ensure local businesses will be there for you in the future,” said Yossi Itzkowitz, CEO Toys 4 You.

“Communities depend on having local stores available for essential needs. Shop local so we can survive together,” said Mr. Chaim Klein, Owner of PlugIns Electronics and Appliances.

“The administration found a way for big box stores to operate safely, but as New York City enters Phase 1 today, small businesses are still shackled. No browsing?? Shoppers have been browsing in Target throughout the pandemic! We must allow small businesses to operate safely, legally and effectively, now,” said Senator Felder.

To request a poster, contact Senator Felder’s office at 718-253-2015 or email Felder@nysenate.gov.



  1. Really?!?! Where was he the last two months?!??!
    Not a word! All because of the fact that there are all powerless people they have you believe that they can do things and they cannot
    Please ease do not listen to him or his friends in Nov just vote your conscience enough with this useless pandering!!

  2. Does local business help us out when we need help or do they jack up the prices before yomim tovim. Pesach wasn’t so long ago I still remember the price of eggs.

  3. Yes, I will gladly support a fellow Jew’s store, but not if they are ripping us off. Make a profit, yes, nothing wrong with that. That’s how business gets done. But to overcharge now in order to regain all your losses (as if that’s going to help), sorry, the Torah does not allow that. A tippush we don’t have to be. It’s brought down in Choshen Mishpat (the kleina oisiyos) that the only time you’re allowed to price gouge a fellow gullible Yid, is when he is selling esrogim. Altz yenim’s “hiddur”, you’re allowed to rob and steal from them. Such gullible lemechels.


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