Firm Owned By Joe Biden’s Son-in-Law Benefited From Upwards Of $350K In PPP Loans


A healthcare investment firm started by former Vice President Joe Biden’s son-in-law received upwards of $350,000 in forgivable loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

StartUp Health, a medical-focused investment and consulting firm, received between $150,000 and $350,000 in April from the coronavirus relief program. The company is run, in part, by Dr. Howard Krein, the husband of Biden’s daughter, Ashley. The Wall Street Journal was first to report the connection on Friday.

Funding disbursement data for the PPP program indicates that StartUP Health received the sum in the form of a potentially forgivable loan meant to protect 18 jobs within the company, which has been impacted by the onset of the novel coronavirus.

Read more at Breitbart.



  1. how about the Burisma affair in Ukraine? why did everything go so quiet about it?
    where’s JUSTICE? why a DOUBLE STANDARD system?

  2. It has been previously reported that the Trump family got even more. But of course Breitbart doesn’t mention that.

  3. what is problem are they not american citizens. 650k is not a lot of money. silliest article i have seen in a long time.

  4. Much ado about nothing.
    He was smart enough to take advantage of the new law. In this administration being Biden’s son-in-law doesn’t help much, unlike during the time when Biden was Vice-President his son was able to get hundreds of thousands in “salary” because he was Biden’s son.

  5. Joe Biden is not administering the loans, mnuchin is. China companies Got over million. You can see all the people including Kushner entities by reviewing the information release online. There is no russian hoax, no burisma stop with the conspiracy theories and the qanon junk you are embarrassing yourselves. Can look at each state and see if your inlaws, cousins, neighors received a lone.

    • I skimmed through the article and I found it very confusing. Seems, for one thing, they do not clearly differentiate between Federal and State systems, and for another, they do not understand the purpose of Kushner’s list. For example, the 69 million dollars spent by New York was strictly a State decision that the Feds had no say about. And Kushner’s list was about a last resort list – if all else fails, try these new comers on the list.


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