Five Towns: Bloomberg Criticizes LIPA Power-Restoration Effort

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lipaNew York Mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed out on Saturday at the Long Island-based power company that serves some of New York City’s outer neighborhoods for making inadequate progress restoring power to thousands of residents in the dark since superstorm Sandy struck on Monday night.

At a press briefing, Bloomberg said the Long Island Power Authority, LIPA, “has not acted aggressively enough” in its power restoration efforts, particularly in bringing electricity back to the Rockaways, a series of beachfront neighborhoods devastated by the storm.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Very easy for bloomberg to criticize. Does he is have any idea what is necessary? Unfortunately he has lost any credibility by outlawing 16 oz sodas, pushing for the marathon and endorsing Obama.

  2. “His Arrogance” Who is he to criticize LIPA? True LIPA needs to issue answers for their seemingly poor response etc. But the Arrogant in-Chief is no one to criticize! He’s too busy supporing Obambam for his stand on Global Warming and his dedication to “those other type of people.”
    He’s too busy to come around town to see if there indeed was destruction and damage! I wonder if he’s in the Bahamas like he was during the snow storm!!!!

  3. Its about time someone criticized LIPA. They are ignoring us! Instead of criticizing Bloomberg, start putting pressure on county officials to really do something about LIPA lack of response to this serious issue

  4. There is simply no coordination of efforts apparent. Vehicles consistently come and go without achieving any result. And response……..” we have NO IDEA”-that is really the best you can do after years of preparation. I am currently on a street With no damage awaiting an “inspection” of 2 flooded houses. We asked them to simply disconnect those residences and restore the rest of the area and they state ” we can’t do that”. It makes no sense even to retired lipa employees in the area. Some one needs to go.


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