For Shame: Israeli Legislature Dedicates Entire Day’s Sessions to Toeivah Rights

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The Knesset held its first ever “toeivah rights” day yesterday, dedicating the entire workday to discussions, debates, and other parliamentary activities on issues relating to Israel’s so-called toeivah “community.”

“There is no doubt that the LGBT rights day is a significant step in history for the [toeivah] community and for all of Israeli society,” Chen Arieli, the joint-chairperson of AGUDA, the national association of those who support a toeivah lifestyle in Israel, told Tazpit Press Service.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Erased sub culture.

    The jew who wants a toeivah code hate value is of course poor.

    Fow to the blind.

    Fostered neglect. Madness is just the beginning. If they have pork and shellfish day, move the Kotel to New York. This is disgusting.

  2. You cannot ignore a segment of the population because you disagree with their choices !!

    The only way for “US” to be left alone to do what we think is right, is to leave everyone else alone and expect them to do the same.


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