Former Classmates: Dayton Gunman Kept ‘Hit List’

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Former classmates say the suspected Dayton, Ohio mass shooting gunman kept a “hit list” during high school of fellow students he wanted to kill or injure.

Two former classmates told the news service that Betts was suspended from Bellbrook High School during his junior year following the discovery of a hit list that was found written on the wall of a school bathroom.

They are reportedly frustrated that police said there were no red flags in Betts’s background that would have prevented him from buying the .223-caliber rifle that was used in the shooting outside a crowded bar in a historic neighborhood of Dayton.

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. This guy is one of the thousands of victims used in the CIA’s mind control experiments that left his life emotionally ruined. In other words, his mind was controlled by whoever to do the shooting. (There’s proof to this.)

      • Why? Is it because he not only does research on the danger and ineffectiveness of vaccine but doesn’t buy anything from mainstream conspiracy media but digs through mountains to uncover the truth?
        Or is it that you can tell that he got no mental side-effect from the vaccine and has his head on his shoulders?


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