Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins May Get Bridge Named After Him

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david-dinkinsThe New York City Council is taking up legislation to name a bridge after former Mayor David Dinkins.

If approved, the city’s only African-American mayor will follow in the footsteps of another city mayor. Ed Koch had the Queensboro Bridge named after him last year.

Dinkins’ name would go on the 350-foot-long Willis Avenue Bridge, which spans the Harlem River connecting Manhattan and the Bronx.

The legislation is being sponsored by Council Member Fernando Cabrera. It is being introduced today.

The 85-year-old couldn’t be reached for comment. But Cabrera said Dinkins was happy and surprised about the renaming proposal.

Dinkins served one term as mayor beginning in 1990.

{Journal News/ Newscenter}


  1. Is that the bridge that Rev Al (Al the Shlub) Sharpton took to get to Crown Hieghts to fan the riots? Yeah, you remember – when The Dink did NOTHING & let CH burn.

  2. Me thinks that renaming the Tappan-Zee for him would be most appripriate.
    They have a lot in common, flawed construction, constant malfunction and slated for demolition.


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