Former VP Gores Fox News Over Climate Coverage


goreFormer Vice President Al Gore – the guy who invented the internet; remember him? – doesn’t have a very high opinion of any of the media when it comes to their coverage of climate change, but he took a special swipe at Fox News on his blog this afternoon in response to this morning’s leaked e-mail:Fox News has consistently delivered false and misleading information to its viewers about the climate crisis. The leaked e-mails now suggest that this bias comes directly from the executives responsible for their news coverage.

COP15 was a critical moment in the fight against the climate crisis. It is unsurprising, yet still disturbing, that Fox would allow its political bias to infiltrate its news reporting about the conference. Over all the media’s coverage of climate issues has been atrocious. However, Fox seems determined to set the bar even lower.

Al, get back to your inventions please.



  1. Of course Fox should be proud of this “leaked” email. He basically told journalists to make sure to point out that “Climate Change” is far from fact.

  2. This is utterly ridiculous. I don’t care about what Al Gore said. A news website is supposed to have news, not silly comments such as: “Al, get back to your inventions please.”
    Matzav, you have an ‘Opinion’ column for a reason, so use it.


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