Fox News Reveals Scaramucci Agenda: Purge Bad Eggs, Raffle Off Golf With Pres., Take On MSM


Before his 11-day stint as White House communications director came to a crashing end, Anthony Scaramucci had big plans to shake up how the Trump administration connects with the public.

“No more threats about leaking and internal game playing – anyone who takes actions that do not serve the President will be dismissed – period,” the plan said. “We will eliminate the bad eggs and send a powerful message to the remaining staff that well-intentioned mistakes are acceptable, but misconduct is not.”

“For example, real Americans do not care about palace intrigue in the White House. POTUS is leading and fostering an economy that makes their lives better,” Scaramucci wrote. “Every positive piece of economic data needs to echo throughout the Comms eco-system, and Comms needs to find ways to connect positive economic data to real people.”

Getting creative, another section floated the idea of hosting a lottery or charity auction for a lucky winner to “play a round of golf” with Trump.

“POTUS is the best golfer to serve as President,” he wrote. Read more at Fox News.




  1. Golf bags ready. Hate in the coffin. Big hint- Hashem joyfully gives the American people a shuffle. Trump is dumb hit on the Scaramuchi nod. No fascist rules the USA. Lets see how G-d continues to play this hate of liberalism out of our society.



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