Framework for At-Risk Chareidi Girls in Israel

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Israel’s Welfare Ministry allocated ten million shekels to establish frameworks for chareidi at-risk girls. This is in addition to thirty million allotted for their male counterparts.

Until now, most of the focus was on at-risk boys, resulting in the marginalization of girls in the same circumstances who have nowhere to go. The ministry has now decided to establish shelters and hostels for chareidi girls where they can receive professional help for challenges unique to their background.

Pilot projects are to be set up in Modi’in Illit, Bnei Brak, Beitar Illit and Petach Tikvah. The ministry noted that people have recently become more aware of the fact that hundreds, or even thousands, of Israeli kids are at various levels of risk.

“This is another step to improving the treatment for youth at risk,” said Minister of Social Affairs, Chaim Katz. “Over the coming year we intend to expand the response to needs of young people over the age of eighteen… We will give them funding to complete their education and help them find jobs. I hope that investing in them now will benefit everyone in the future.”

David Steger – Israel News Bureau


  1. Clearly our goal with our daughters is just to get them safely to the chuppah. The world can see the trick is always to keep a dream in their timing.

    Cash and trust make the difference. If you can not find the world to simplify the safe manners of your own meaningful day, you will lose the value of her chastity.

    Tricks to doing this are only charity, davening and inner-self worth.

    Care to think how bad it is when a daughter goes off the derech? There is nothing worse than the worst.

    Pace and presence make the deal.


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