Frum Man from California Going to Israel to Donate Kidney to Stranger


kidney-donationEric Steger, 41 year old Orthodox Jewish man from Northern California, is leaving on August 8th from California to go to Israel to donate a kidney to a stranger there. A rov in Israel had read about a previous match made by Chaya Lipschutz – a father of 9 who donated a kidney to a father of 10 – and so this rov in Israel told Eric about Chaya Lipschutz’s website, and that is how Eric ended up getting in touch with her about donating a kidney.Eric was matched with a mother of a large family from Yerushalayim. If he is not a match for her, Eric is willing to donate a kidney to anyone else in Israel.

For more info about kidney donation, Chaya Lipschutz can be reached at (917) 627-8336.

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  1. It is truly a wonderful thing. I donated my kidney through Renewal. They were with me all the way from the first test, came with me to the hospital on the day of surgery, and arranged for me to convalesce for a week so that I regain my strength. Both Rabbi Steinmetz and Menachem Friedman are wonderful individuals. If you are thinking of doing this wonderful deed, give them a call at 718.431.9831.

  2. I had donated a kidney to a stranger. Since my kidney donation I have been wanting to do more – so I now have a project to help others who are in need of a kidney. I don’t get paid for this and don’t charge a fee. My brother donated a kidney as well – to someone on my list of people in need of a kidney.

    Anyhow – want you to know that Eric is already a hero! He already saved a life by donating bone marrow!

    Anyhow – thanks for the story. I also want to mention I have a website for more information on kidney donation- You can also feel free to e-mail me at

    The father of 9 who is mentioned in this story – is Rabbi Ehpraim Simon of Chabad of Teaneck NJ. I had matched him up with a father of 10 from Williamsburgh. To read his story – you can find it on this website or click on or copy and paste this link:
    Also, one of the other matches I made was with Reb. Lori Palatnik of the organization Aish. To read her story – you can click or copy and paste this link:

    My project is endorsed by Harav Dovid Goldwasser of Brooklyn. You can see what he wrote, in his book Tishrei, under “acknowledgements”

  3. 2 more kidney matches I have coming up next week – please say Tehillim if you can. Tizku L’mitzvos!

    1. Another kidney match in Israel – a mother of a large family will be donating a kidney. That surgery will be on Monday in Israel. Please say Tehillim for David Ben Nina – the recipient and Chaya Masha Bas Bryina- the person donating a kidney to him.

    2. A woman from Monsey will be donating a kidney to someone from Israel in New York on Tuesday. Please say tehillim for the recipient – Itzhak Isaac Shai ben Penina and for the person donating a kidney to him – Tirtza bas Chaya

    I had another match recently that happened – the donor had heard me on the radio. The transplant was in Los Angeles.

    Hope to hear more B’suros Tovos! Refuah Shelaimah to all who need it!

    Chaya Lipschutz


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