George Soros To Spend $1 Billion On Countering ‘Authoritarian Resurgence’ Across Globe

Billionaire George Soros, seen here in January 2018, has promoted democracy in Eastern Europe. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Simon Dawson

George Soros, American-Jewish philanthropist and investor, announced a new $1 billion educational initiative aimed at promoting free and open societies at World Economic Forum in Davos on Friday.

The initiative aims to establish the Open Society University Network, which would “reach the students who need it the most” and “promote the values of open society — including free expression and diversity of beliefs.”

It also seeks to “strengthen foundations of open society amid authoritarian resurgence” in the world and foster a global research network countering polarization through “educating students to examine issues from different perspectives and advance reasoned arguments.”

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  1. This ugly evil nazi collaborator would of been the perfect servant for Paroh. He would of ratted out Moshe Rabbeinu. Apparently he’s getting all his reward on this world so he can have eternal burning in gehenom once he finally kicks the bucket.

  2. What a dope! He could have left a meaningful legacy by imparting his billion dollar philanthropy gift to Torah causes and now it will yield him bup-kess in returns!

  3. This is the world. Jews who do not believe in heaven. They do not keep kosher and Hashem assigns terrible lives. We know its our fear.

    Cradle win for anyone. He is rich. Someone should say he still drinks water easy.

  4. NOT popkess!! OPEN society,ish nosay ish, isho nosay isho,ma’asay eretz mitzraim as explained n the Ramba”m.”Diversity of beliefs”,R”L. Atheists, buddist,bd”s etc.He is adding fuel to his gayhinom keseder.
    Bloomberg,although not the rosho that tzoros is,is also doing an excellent job of wasting golden opportunities on bobkess,and m’mayloh stroking the fires.

  5. How much is soros paying media outlets to describe him as “American -Jewish philanthropist and investor”? That’s up there with “austere religious scholar”.


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