Germany Agrees $662 Million to Aid Holocaust Survivors

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Germany has agreed to provide more than a half billion euros to aid Holocaust survivors struggling under the burdens of the coronavirus pandemic, the organization that negotiates compensation with the German government said Wednesday.

The payments will be going to approximately 240,000 survivors around the world, primarily in Israel, North America, the former Soviet Union and Western Europe, over the next two years, according to the New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, also referred to as the Claims Conference.

With the end of World War II now 75 years in the past, Holocaust survivors are all elderly, and because many were deprived of proper nutrition when they were young today they suffer from numerous medical issues. In addition, many live isolated lives having lost their entire families and also have psychological issues because of their persecution under the Nazis.

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  1. it is a terrible shame that these people who went through so much at the hands of nazi Germany are now literally in the hands of the German government.
    A few years back some politician/bureaucrat in Germany decided to cut the allocation of funds for survivors who are unable to fully care for themselves (think funding for housekeepers and or medical aides).
    That leaves impoverished Holocaust survivors with no way to care for themselves.
    In addition, agencies providing care for those survivors who still have funding, now require all of the Holocaust survivors that they serve to sign a waiver that they are aware that if Germany pulls funding they will no longer receive services. Forcing these survivors to sign these forms often causes them much mental anguish.

    My message to the German government is, these people are people who did not live in your country, the government of your country invaded their country and imprisoned them for the crime of being Jewish. they provided slave labor for the government of your country, they underwent torture at the behest of the government. Saw their families killed.
    The German government should be covering ALL of these people’s expenses!


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