Giuliani: Obama Has ‘Lackadaisical Attitude’ Toward War, Gulf Oil Crisis; Health Care is a Disaster


giuliani1Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani paid a visit to New Hampshire this week, and criticized President Barack Obama’s response to the Gulf oil crisis, the war on terrorism, health care and the economy.”Our country is being handled exactly the opposite of what I think should be the case,” said Giuliani.

“The Obama administration is using a European model of social democracy as a goal for us,” said Giuliani. “I prefer the idea of using the private sector more.”

“First thing you should do if you are a leader is take over,” said Giuliani in response to Obama’s handling of the Gulf oil crisis.

“This president has a lackadaisical attitude,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani was in Manchester to receive the annual New Hampshire Primary Award.

Click here to see a portion of his interview with NECN’s Lauren Collins:

{ Newscenter}


  1. Though I agree with Mr. Guiliani on his asessment of the inept Obama, the last thing we want is an inept takeover of BP. While his failure in that attempt would ensure his leaving office by next election, it’s not worth it for all the damage he would cause.

    In addition, we don’t need any more failures on his part to make sure he’s leaving. It’s becoming increasingly clear that he can no longer fool the people all of the time and his days are numbered. We can only hope that the damage he causes is contained.

  2. Because Obama Has Ā‘Lackadaisical AttitudeĀ’ Toward War, Gulf Oil Crisis, and because of his Health Care plan -among many,many other reasons, Obama is THE Disaster.


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