Kashrus and the Gaza Boat Flotilla


badatzSeveral mashgichim of the Edah HaCharedis (Badatz) of Yerushalayim were in Turkey overseeing food productions and kashrus certifications during the Gaza boat flotilla episode and its explosion of anti-


Mashgichim in the city of Istanbul were ordered by the Badatz to return home immediately as huge anti-Israel demonstrations were being held by thousands of Turks. The mashgichim, in full Chassidishe attire and noticeably Jewish, were told to remain in their rooms, off the streets, during daylight hours. They were further told to return to their hotels, escorted by Turkish police, only in the dark of the night.

Some of the mashgichim, who were at food plants in cities far away from Istanbul and its huge demonstrations, were also ordered to take full precautions and return home immediately. Once safely home, the mashgichim shared their fright and that they were cursed and threatened at the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport in Turkey while waiting to board their flight out. The Ataturk Airport is Europe’s 10th busiest. Relieved to be home, the mashgichim were thankful for their safe return. 

{Machberes/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. And why are we giving hashgochos to countries that are anti semitic and would love to kill all of us?
    We should stop selling our souls. We can live with less food and nobody will die.


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