Glenn Beck: “Huge Drudge Font Size” Mocking My Fast For Ted Cruz A Sign America Is “Done”

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Real Clear Politics reports that Glenn Beck slammed Matt Drudge, saying that his focus on Ted Cruz’s religious father, the “priesthood,” and Beck’s own devotion to Cruz is “a sign that America is done.”


GLENN BECK: “Good God, he’s doing it again… This is the front page again?

“… Let me just say this: Please, I beg of you –not for Ted Cruz… but for our country– Please fast and pray.

“We were losing the Civil War until Abraham Lincoln called for a day of fasting, prayer, and humiliation…

“When talk radio, and Matt Drudge –who are supposed to be conservatIve bastions– are coming out and mocking people who believe in God, who believe in divine providence, who beleive that the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are divine documents. When you mock that, we are done.”



  1. Maybe, just maybe if he wouldn’t have used words like Hitler, brownshirts, KKK etc. he may not have been mocked. I think it was that same show where he told a story of Washington that is a complete fabrication. It was written in a book by a single person that has since been totally discredited. It also doesn’t help, after using inflammatory statements, that he’s on the stage and campaigning with Cruz. I suspect Beck, and some others, did more to actually hurt Cruz campaign than anything else. Considering illegal immigration is such an issue it also didn’t help when Beck and Cruz went down to the border to hand out teddy bears.

    I’ve heard him previously speak of fasting and was Utterly Shocked that what HE considers a fast was doing without ice cream and some other desserts. I don’t know if this is typical with Gentiles’ view of fasts but that is hardly what I would call a fast.


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