GOLDEN STATE LOSER: Steve Kerr says GOP ‘Sold Its Soul’ To Trump, Calls On Dems To ‘Get This Right’ In 2020

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Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said the GOP “has sold its soul” to President Trump and called on Democrats to make things “right in 2020.”

The former NBA star made the assertion on Twitter on Wednesday night — marking the second time this week that he’s tweeted about the president.

“I believe the vast majority of Americans want a unifying, moral leader,” Kerr said. “The GOP has sold its soul to Trump, so the Dems have to get this right in 2020. Make this about jobs and unification. Period.”

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  1. Hey dummy. The democrats are not about unifying. They’re about arresting their opponents and anyone that threatens their absolute power.
    Kerr was a typical white stiff in the NBA. He was good at shooting wide open 3 pointers. That’s it. Couldn’t do anything else.

  2. Who exactly a unifying moral leader by the democrats? Every democratic politician tries to outdo each other at being progressive and morally corrupt.


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