Stream Of Venezualan Jews Making Aliyah As Crisis Grows

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Two families who fled from Venezuela landed at Ben-Gurion on Wednesday amidst hundreds of olim from other countries. They received clandestine assistance to leave the country from the Jewish Agency.

Venezuela, a once-wealthy country has descended into crisis over the past few years, with the current situation being total anarchy and economic destitution. The Jewish community, which included 25,000 members in the 1990s is down to about 4,000 members, with most Jews immigrating to the US, Mexico, Panama or other countries. Only about 12% immigrate to Israel, according to Jewish Agency chairman Yitzchak Herzog.

“We had to leave Venezuela,” Avraham Ben Dayan, who immigrated to Israel with his wife and three children, told Ynet on Wednesday. “For three or four years now, the economic situation is not normal. The most basic things are missing, such as diapers for children and toilet paper, and it’s also a very dangerous place.”

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