GOP Legal Challenges Falter Ahead Of Georgia Runoffs

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Republicans in Georgia suffered back-to-back defeats in court this week amid their push for more restrictive voting rules ahead of the state’s critical Senate runoffs.

The rulings come amid a brewing legal war over the Jan. 5 runoffs, which could help shape how the contests are fought and perhaps even which party controls the Senate when President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

In roughly a half-dozen ongoing court fights, Democratic-allied voting rights groups and Republicans are clashing over the number of early voting calendar days, the use of drop boxes and the stringency of ballot signature-verification requirements.

But recent court decisions show the uphill battle Republicans face in their legal disputes.

In one case, a federal judge on Thursday handed a blistering defeat to Republican litigants who sought to impose tighter voting restrictions ahead of the runoff elections. U.S. District Judge J. Randal Hall tossed the GOP’s requests to prohibit the use of drop boxes, block the early processing of mail ballots and require stricter signature verification protocols.

A separate GOP-led lawsuit, which was backed by Republican candidates Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, suffered a similar fate the same day. Another Georgia-based federal judge tossed the case, finding that the senators and the Georgia GOP lacked a legal right to sue.

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  1. I don’t understand! If there is a day designated for ELECTIONS to take place why all these allowances for additional time? And if the given excuse is Covid, let it be a recorded request, not a carte blanche.
    Additionally, if it’s been shown that there have been breeches in the integrity of balloting, why can’t stricter oversight be requested? Why did the judge strike it down as he did? Could there possibly be, um, um some other motive? Um, I’m just speculating!

  2. The fix is in from more corrupt democrat judges, especially when you read the specious reasoning the judge used to prevent the one case from even being heard – ” the senators and the Georgia GOP lacked a legal right to sue.” If they don’t have standing then who does?!!! Our elections have become a complete joke, and the same fraud that occurred in November will occur again in January. Without strict signature verification of mail in ballots, the whole process will be a joke. I hope they appeal to the SCOTUS on this ruling, though it appears even they have abdicated their role in insuring the integrity of elections. As they say in Communist countries, “it’s not how many people vote, it’s who counts the votes that matters.”


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