Hamas Now Says Shalit Deal Far From Closing

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shalit1Hamas sources involved in negotiations on the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit now say that a prisoner-swap deal was still far from closing, despite reports to the contrary.

The sources said today that the main conflict was still over Palestinian prisoners Israel considers to have “blood on their hands” – namely who will be released and where to.

 The Hamas officials added that their organization would like the Shalit deal to be part of a wider accord encompassing issues related to the Gaza Strip, including the lifting of Israel’s siege, the opening of crossings, and a wide-ranging truce.

Reports also vary on the reason for which a Hamas delegation, headed by Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal, was scheduled to be sent to Egypt tomorrow.

Recent reports say the visit is intended to smooth over the Shalit deal, and a Saudi paper has reported Mashaal would travel to Cairo to finalize the deal in coming days.

But Dr. Salah al-Bardawil, a senior Hamas official in Gaza and formerly the head of its parliamentary bloc in the Palestinian government, said the visit is part of negotiations over the inner split between Hamas and Fatah.

He added that the delegation would not discuss Shalit. “We appreciate the Egyptian effort, but we still can’t speak of a solution regarding the deal,” he said.

{Ynet/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. WHATS THE PRICE? 450 more terrorists released GET READY for 450 more suicide bombings & tons of deaths R”L ALL FOR 1 SOLDIER too bad this is the way israel works & trades, sorry
    NOTE: this is what Klal Yisroel gets when all these Tzaros Happen & we don’t wake up to do Teshuva Especially now in ELUL

  2. If any godol was asked I’m sure they would respond in kind. If one recalls the first intafada began after 1985 when Israel had made a similar trade. There is a story (I think the Goan of prague) that was thrown into jail, but told his congregation not to redeem him because that will only cause the goyim to put other jews in jail in order that the goyim can squeeze money out of them too. We are only talking about having to redeem jews for money and this rav stayed in jail until the day he died. We are not talking about releasing blood hungry killers who will go and kill and mame many more Jews. Of course the life of every Jew is important as a whole world and of course if I was Shlit’s mother I would be shouting the same thing. But if a persons life is endangered , and the doctor said he has to amputate a foot to save the persons life is the person going to say “sure doc I don’t need my foot anyway, no big deal.” or is he going to shout and cry and tell the doctor no please don’t do it maybe things will work out. Could the doctor do it if it was his child? I doubt it. Does it mean the procedure is unnessary ? I doubt it too. To see a Jewish child suffering under terrorists is very painful, should blood hungry terrorists be let free? I doubt it.


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