Hamas Threatens Israel As IDF Prepares For New Clashes

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The Hamas terror organization threatened Israel on Friday, vowing to confront the Jewish state and “immediately retaliate” as a standoff over foreign funds to the Gaza Strip continues. Hamas demands the funds to be transferred from Qatar be increased from $15 million to $22 million, and that payments be allowed to known Hamas terrorists.

Senior Hamas officials told the Al-Akhbar Lebanese news outlet Friday that it had a “threatening message” for Israel, warning that it would “immediately retaliate” to an Israeli “aggression”, warning that its response would be “even greater than” the last major confrontation – referring to attacks in November of last year.

Hamas also demanded that Israel drop the conditions it placed on the transfer of Qatari funds to Gaza, including Israel’s ban on payments to Hamas terrorists.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



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