Harris Seen As Biden VP Favorite As Clock Ticks


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is seen as the favorite as Joe Biden nears a decision on his vice presidential pick.

Harris would be the first Black woman and Indian American woman to be nominated on a major party’s presidential ticket, and she battled with Biden memorably on the debate stage more than a year ago.

Harris wouldn’t put a new state in play. She represents California, the largest electoral prize on the map but one that is completely safe for Democrats.

Yet many see her as the least risky pick for Biden, who is under pressure to select a woman of color as his veep, and someone who would be prepared to be president on day one.

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  1. Don’t brother reading this fake news. Harris, Biden both not around anymore. Who’s next that they will “bring up”? Michel Obama? Adam Schiff? Hillary? Billary? The Queen? Phillip? Gates?

  2. What happened to Susan Rice? I saw it reported elsewhere that she was the handlers candidate because she allegedly has foreign policy experience. Yeh right. The Benghazi slaughter was a spontaneous uprising by Muslims who were offended by an obscure video put out by some white homosexual Israeli.


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