Trump Has 100 Days To Turn Things Around

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President Trump faces a steep climb to a second term with 100 days to go before the presidential election.

The president in recent days has changed his strategy in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic as polls show presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden leading in the battleground states that will determine who win the White House.

Biden is also competitive in some red states, such as Texas, Georgia, Ohio and Iowa, that Trump must win to have a path to victory.

Trump and the GOP are facing a potential Election Day disaster on Nov. 3 if they do not quickly change the trajectory of the race.

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  1. Trump wants chaos not Law and Order. Up till the election. It won’t work. Trump is the only incumbent that Has never polled 50% or more. He polls high with registered Republicans but the party has shrunk, and even in those numbers went down. There are no longer secret Trump voters.

    • WOW! Can’t believe a Jew should be so dumb and believe the nonsensical polls. You surely also believed the polls when Hillary was running that she had a 97% chance against Trump, when it turned out the polls were as fake and fraudulent as can be and she ended up with less than 12% of the public who voted for her.

      “There are no longer secret Trump voters.” because everyone will openly vote for Trump. Look how huge Biden’s rally was in the basement.

    • Good point. You’d better run off to Sudan. At least over there you know it’s safe and everyone is treated respectfully. Slavery is non existent.

  2. Trump has ALREADY turned things around but MSM is covering it all up. As Julian Assange said: “When all is finally exposed, 98% of Washington will fall.” Boy was he right! Exactly what’s happening. Most sheeple are fast asleep and don’t realize they’re all gone. As Trump said in Nov 2019: “I caught the swamp. I caught them all.”

  3. It is critical that we get our act together & reelect our absolute best president ever:- President Donald Trump. Sleepy Joe would be a tragic disaster, and must remain permanently holed in that Delaware Basement.

  4. “8645”
    what planet are you from, have you been around recently? trump is the only president that does what he says. and he is doing it all right.


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