Help Yesodos Stay Open

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-Communicated- Please help keep Yesodos open. Yesodos is an amazing, unique school for high functioning ASD children. It is located in Lakewood. Most yeshivos offer a fine education for most students, but if the staff, through no fault of their own, has no idea how to deal with ASD boys and they are often in trouble.

These boys are really amazing. They may be bright and funny. They may love to read. They may be math whizzes. They love to learn Chumash, Mishnayos and Gemara and are so proud to make a siyum. Some of them get great joy from surprising their mothers with flowers or folding the laundry. They may adore babies. Each child is unique and only wants to succeed.
At Yesodos, the staff is very loving, kind and accepting. This, coupled with their professional expertise, has allowed the kids to taste that sweet taste of success.

At Yesodos, many boys find friends for the first time in their lives. Can you imagine being 9 years old and never having had a playdate? Never even asking to have one? How heartbreaking is that?

But the school does not have enough money to open in September. What will happen to these beautiful, special kids? They are worried. Their parents are worried. They need our help.

Please help help all the other students of Yesodos who will have no place to go in September if the school really does not open.




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