HEY, LEBRON JAMES, NBA AND ALL LIBERALS: Watch: The Truth About Jacob Blake (Hint: He Was No Saint)

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  1. The liberal media twists stories to promote liberal causes and to cause more sensation.
    We know that with coverage of Israel.

  2. matzav.com
    this is the first “news” story i have ever read from you.
    I will now always read your news stories.
    thank you.

  3. Why would I care whether this individual is righteous, or not righteous? Police is paid to do their job, and if they don’t follow procedure, it is my belief that the penalty should be scary enough to make similar people resign from the force immediately. Besides, we have no interest in this fight. Let nonjews be busy with each others.

    P.S. I take issue with the word “saint”.

  4. What’s the real problem with this entire situation? I had go and research on my own 1. Why the police had responded to the address and 2. who this man was. These are important pieces of the story. And the news media ( as usual ) purposefully will not report the full story. As if Jacob Blake were simply walking down the street and shot seven times. Do I believe there needs to be police reform? Absolutely. However, the media along with social media is creating an uninformed populace. A populace that will ruin reputations in minutes. And that jumps to conclusions with the wrong facts or without all the facts. It’s getting worse and worse.


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