Hillary Clinton Visited And Played With Grandchildren After Pneumonia Diagnosis

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign says the Democratic presidential nominee was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, citing that as one reason why she collapsed after leaving during the 9/11 memorial in New York City. After the collapse, she went to her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s apartment, as a spokesperson for the campaign said that she played with her two grandchildren and visited with her daughter, Charlie Spiering reports for Breitbart.

It is unclear why Clinton decided to visit her daughter and grandchildren, despite later saying she has a disease which can be contagious.

After leaving the apartment, Clinton was filmed hugging a small child before leaving for her home in Chappaqua, NY. When reporters asked her what happened, she shrugged.

In an interview on MSNBC, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon twice confirmed that aides watched Clinton at Chelsea’s apartment chasing around her grandchildren. “She was up running around at her daughter’s apartment chasing her grandkids around and within 90 minutes, people saw her out on the sidewalk,” he said. Read more at Breitbart.



  1. Whether bacterial or viral, it could most certainly be contagious; the reason, presumably, the campaign HQ for HRC put out the statement that her entire staff has been coming down with pneumonia since August, and why Mr. Schumer came out with his own medical history as well.

    Parkinson’s disease, on the other hand, is NOT contagious. Nor is any other neurological disorder, or side effects from any number of her falls. Likewise complications from blood issues (blood clots, the use of blood thinners, etc.) are NOT contagious.

  2. Oh please. Pneumonia is hardly contagious, and surely not towards a baby. She would be a terrible president but this is because of her opinions, not because of her health or lack thereof! Countless leaders have had pneumonia while in office and – for good or for bad – this did not affect their decisions, not even to the point they delegated their chosen vicepresident.

  3. At least Obama kept his word, when he promised us he would have the most transparent White house in history. I’m so glad he kept his word. What a great and honest man.

  4. If you choose to vote for Hillary Clinton, for whatever reason, that’s 100% your right. Just keep in mind that this entire episode is a reminder of how thoroughly and completely her dishonesty saturates her character.
    (FWIW, I still haven’t decide who to vote for, thanks to Donald Trump’s myriad flaws.)

  5. Pneumonia means that a person gets exposed to aggressive viruses or bacteria. Ordinarily, we would get the flu, or stomach trouble. Due to a weakness or medical treatments, in some people this causes a lung infection, which, even in our days, can be dangerous.
    Why should a person with pneumonia not play with grandchildren? Sure she should take care not to infect others, but now that she is aware of having pneumonia, her doctor will have advised her at length. She should also avoid very strenuous physical exercise, but a person with pneumonia feels weak and will not do by mistake; but then again, she is not some destitute person in the 3rd world, she has been seen no doubt by excellent doctors.

    While it is true that pneumonia is contagious, and that is how the disease is usually caught (besides from relatively rare exceptions such as inhaling dust and the like) this does not mean we must avoid visiting Auntie or Grandma in the nursing home if she has pneumonia. This does not mean either we should not bring our children to say hello to a relative with pneumonia. Which I am afraid is the message some people will mistakenly get from this headline.

  6. pneumonia is not contagious!
    the pathogen that caused it may or may not be contracted by another person but it is unlikely to give them pneumonia
    if she had contagious pneumonia, they would have made up a different condition for her, they wouldnt let people know that she had an infectious agent in public
    remember, deception is their game
    seriously. learn some basic science before you make yourself sound stupid.
    there are pleunty of other things to critisize her for….

  7. Yep. If Grandma has chicken pox or rubella, that is what the telephone is for. If she has pneumonia and we are healthy, no reason to worry about visiting. And with regards to Hillary Clinton, there are more than enough real reasons to criticize her.


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