‘Hitler Is Coming’ Message Found At New York City Jewish Children’s Museum


Police are investigating an anti-Semitic message found at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn after a post-it note with the words “Hitler is coming” was found on a billboard display in front of the museum Thursday.

Police told the news outlet they are trying to determine whether the note should be investigated as a hate crime. They said they do not have any suspects.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Gov. Andrew Cuomo both publicly condemned the anti-Semitic message found at the museum.

“It’s part of a very troubling pattern that we’re seeing,” Cuomo said Friday. “Increased anti-Semitic attacks all across this country and all across this state.”

De Blasio wrote in a post on Twitter that it is part of a “wave of hatred has been allowed to fester in our society.”

Read more at The Hill.




    then why don’t we all take the wake up message from Hashem for serious teshuva together and stop living in denial? Is there still someone crazy out there that thinks all this tzaros is just coincidence? Don’t we all know “theres no such a thing as coincidence” and everything has a reason for it.

    Before WWII Many Gedolim in klal Yisroel told our grandparents to leave Europe before a war started. How many listened? Very few…. We are so comfortable in golus R”L with our pleasures, technology and homes etc… Don’t wait for it to get worse C”V… take the message from Hashem and Leave your comfortable golus home for Eretz Yisroel

    May we all wake up before the next tragedy strikes klal yisroel C”V

    mourning in pain as I watch our brethren suffering worldwide and the anti-Semitism getting worse worldwide

    • how many gedolim told people to leave Europe? revisionism? to where would all the people go to? to “treifa america” as it was called? name a country that would have taken Jews en masse? and dont say palistine mandate because if Jews tried going in ernest the arabs would have forced the British to limit immigration.


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