Hour-Long Delays Around Lakewood


lakewoodWe have been alerted by a number of our Lakewood readers regarding severe hour-long traffic backups in central Lakewood, NJ. The area of Cedar Bridge Avenue south should be avoided if possible, as vehicles are currently backed up all the way from the intersection of Clifton Avenue and Route 88 to past Washington Square.

Two drivers told Matzav.com via email that it took them almost an hour to get from New Hampshire Avenue and Cedar Bridge to Courtney Road and Clifton Avenue.

Likewise, Clover Street south is backed up from Route 88 until Cedar Bridge Avenue.

Other areas to avoid include Routh 9/River Avenue, in both directions, between Hurley Avenue and Prospect Street.

With many schools reopening today and no public transportation, significant delays should be expected around town.

{Matzav.com Lakewood News Desk}


  1. I found it fascinating, that in this complete traffic mess, not one police officer was around to guide and direct traffic. There is no question, had the police stationed officers at important major corners, we could have seen traffic much improvemed. I will leave my remaining thoughts to my self.

  2. Bais kaila is being smart and is giving of tomorrow!it took parents an average of 45 to get their doughters to school today!!and plus they have other kids to take to school too. makes no sense!!

  3. Many years ago when Lakewood was still small and sane, my husband drove my son to the
    cheder on a snow day when there were no buses. There were many near misses in the parking lot and the administrator of the Cheder said to my husband that the school was not opened for those too far too walk. It only opened for the talmidim who lived close enough to walk as driving was too dangerous. (In those days a large portion of the talmidim lived within walking distane)
    If it’s too dangerous to drive your kids, keep them home!

  4. we are not sending our kids tomorrow ikt took me 90min to pick them up.
    The problem I see is every where its normally 2 lanes they only plowed one lane.
    Know its a holiday weekend its going to be same next week as there are no snow plows around.


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