Human Heart Found On Southwest Flight, Causing Plane To Turn Around

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Someone left a human heart onboard a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle, causing the Dallas-bound flight to return to its origin.

Southwest said the the heart was part of a “a life-critical cargo shipment” that was “intended to stay in Seattle for delivery to a local hospital.”

The captain told the passengers about the heart to explain why the flight needed to redirect, saying the heart had been left on the plane following a previous flight from Sacramento, California, to Seattle. A sense of urgency was involved as hearts are only viable for transplants for a few hours.

Those on the flight were in shock but “happy to save a life,” passenger Dr. Andrew Gottschalk told the Seattle Times.


Read more at USA Today.



  1. Organs for transplant are accompanied by a human. Frequent flyers often see them.
    Do not confuse organ and tissue, an example of the latter being cardiac valves. I suppose there was confusion whether the heart was intended for transplant or for valve processing “we acted on information available at the time”, or perhaps the unrelated mechanical issue of the plane played a role.
    Anyway, passengers are often treated like cattle, even when no heart is on board (and heartless is the standard, I am afraid)

  2. Maybe someone can check if my self esteem is on that plane? I lost mine years ago. It would great to get it back.


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