Proposed Text Message Tax Sparks Uproar in California

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Business groups in California are blasting a proposed text-message tax, arguing it would cost consumers tens of millions in surcharges a year.

The California Public Utilities Commission says the proposal, which would raise money to pay for phone service for the poor, would amount to 70 cents for every $10 in text messages.

The Bay Area Council and other high-tech and corporate groups are pushing back against the proposal by the California Public Utilities Commission, saying it could amount to tens of millions a year in new taxes.


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  1. I suppose that text messages in Spanish, those between same gender partners, and those from elected officials to the illegals, warning of federal raids, will be tax exempt. Likewise, the money collected should be used for funding more sanctuary cities, and to provide the homeless with smart phones.

    • I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic, but I point out that nothing about these taxes help the poor. There is already plenty of programs in California for providing phones to those without resources. What this is about is the fact that the tax base (regarding from where the phones come) is shrinking. So instead of policies to revitalize the economy they go to more taxes to get publicity and votes.

  2. They should fight it till the end because these taxes are only for the middle class while politicians are exempt from all these taxes and medical insurances.


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