Hurricane Dorian Strengthens Again To Category 3


Hurricane Dorian is once again a Category 3 storm — with wind gusts roaring at more than 110 mph — after weakening earlier in the week.

The National Hurricane Center provided the update at 11 p.m. Wednesday night, saying “some fluctuations in intensity” were expected in the next 12 hours followed by “slow weakening” Thursday through Friday.

Dorian was moving north at a speed of 7 mph — with meteorologists predicting “a turn toward the northeast” on Thursday. It will likely make a “northeastward motion at a faster forward speed” on Friday, according to NHC officials.

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  1. We know that the Dorian hurricane was engineered and as Mike Morales clearly illustrated. So it only makes sense that this man-made storm should strengthen to be able to destroy evidence in numerous underground facilities.

  2. Fake news. Fake hurricane. As always, fake news hysteria. For all the hype leading up to the supposed hit, NOTHING happened. How many times is the corrupt DNC controlled media going to beat this dead horse? The corrupt candidates running for President want to milk this for all they can so they can push their request for trillions of dollars from the gullible taxpayers to fund climate change. Is the average tv watching schlub that dumb and stupid to believe everything thrown out at them?


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