HYPOCRISY: Dave Portnoy Sounds Off On Holiday Lockdown Orders In Scathing Rant

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Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy says the government should let individuals decide what’s best for themselves on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’.



  1. Who cares what he says! Government makes the rules. D’ya ever drive by near the 66th pct house? We were in BP visiting and the blatant double standard/hypocrisy is mindboggling. They’re busy dolling out summons after summons for crosswalk violators – as they should – yet they’re the biggest violators of all. 73 million Americans voted for the 45th president to continue his policies – like him or not – and they have a point! The Dems ruin this country at every opportunity. This guy is so right! Get the hypocritical government out of our lives. How many businesses had to shut down permanently because of these dumb governMENTAL executive orders!
    Vote the rascals out!


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