IDF Legal Adviser: Soldiers Should Stop Child Stone-Throwers

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arab-stone-rockThe soldiers who detained a five-year-old Palestinian stone-thrower in Hebron earlier this month were justified, IDF West Bank legal adviser Doron Ben-Barak wrote in response to a complaint. While minors under the age of 12 bear no criminal liability, “one can’t stand idly by while minors throw stones that endanger bystanders and themselves.”

There is a growing phenomenon of minors throwing stones at cars on West Bank roads, at civilians and soldiers, and during riots. Among the measures soldiers can take are removing the minor from the area and handing them over to their parents and/or the PA. “It would be irresponsible for the soldiers to ignore the situation and leave the child to his own devices, so that he could continue his dangerous activity,” Ben-Barak wrote.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This is a no-brainer. But it has to be done with the realization that the IDF is dealing with children. Something like a juvenile court system where stone-throwing children are registered and released to their parents, who are held responsible for the children’s future behavior, would seem to be in order.

  2. No kidding – THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! Train 2 yr olds on how to throw and shoot… They can’t get a legal prosecution so… Great!

    We need to explain to the arabs – no, this ios not what you should be teaching!


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