IDF Personnel Directorate Head: No Women Needed In Combat Roles

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The army does not need women in combat roles, IDF Personnel Directorate head Moti Almoz said at a conference, noting that his opinion was “an unpopular stance for which I get plenty of criticism.”

“I am not a human resource firm, nor a body supposed to teach values of equality,”Almoz said. “I have operational needs. The conclusion from this is clear: I don’t need women there. I need them for many other important places.”

Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot said similarly that he did “not envision, at this point, women being integrated into army units leading the charge [in battle].”

But MK Elazar Stern of Yesh Atid saw no problem with women in tanks.

“I don’t buy the claim that it’s not good for female soldiers to be in the same tank as male soldiers, because you could also say it’s not good for them to be together in university or any other public place,” he said.

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  1. Stern finally admitted it. That’s right, it’s not good for boys and girls to be together in Universities or public places. The mixing of the genders never brought positive results. When soldiers are distracted by passions they can’t be effective on the battle field.

  2. Why is it that people cannot understand that Separating and Discriminating are two totally different things. The Leftist and Anti-Torah Gov. in Israel tries so hard to make everything one. A Male is Different than a Female FACT. this is not earth-shattering news. this is a fact and the problem with the Leftist Gov. in Israel and around the world are trying to break down this very basic fact. As a very famous talk show host says “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. Yes, and when people have an agenda to uproot everything that keeps the Jewish people separate from the rest of the world this is what we are up against. There will be a day (if chas v’shalom Mashiach doesnt come) that major league sports will be mixed gender, under the false guise of EVERYONE IS THE SAME.
    everyone is not the same. but everyone has his or her purpose to accomplish.

  3. We all know the results of everyone is the same thinking.
    Everyone is the same is the symbol of Sodom-if a person slept in a bed and was too tall they cut off his feet-and if he was too short-they stretched him.q

  4. “A Male is Different than a Female FACT.” You can be fired from work or expelled from University for these “facts”. Nowadays there’s no such thing as male and female; it is: it, they, loonies, nuts, leftists.

  5. Good thing that at least some of the IDF top brass can admit the scientific truth that women should not serve in combat. Even differences like a woman’s much weaker strength in the back of the neck (for supporting weight of helmets, etc) hinders proper combat, not to mention the much weaker hips and back that women have, which have led to more injuries when women carry out combat exercises.

    Also, studies have shown that male soldiers on the battlefield get distracted by female soldiers in distress. Their instinct is to protect the female soldiers rather than to fight with them as equals. Male PTSD regarding the suffering of dying or wounded female soldiers is also more pronounced than it is after witnessing the suffering of dying or wounded male soldiers.

    Finally, the remark about serving together in tanks is so inane, it’s obviously manipulative. Part of tank training involves spending extended time in a tank, which includes bathroom needs. It’s uncomfortable enough to do that in a cramped space with your own gender, but with the opposite gender?

    Yet this top army officer and Yesh Atid MK pretends not to know.


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