Image Of Trump’s Rose Garden Notes Captured By Media


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Press at President Trump’s impromptu media appearance in the Rose Garden on Wednesday captured images of his handwritten notes.

In the picture, taken by Washington Post staff photographer Jabin Botsford, Trump’s notes read “They want to impeach me over acts that they did” and “Dems have no achomlishments.”

Trump told assembled members of the press he would not work with the Democratic House majority on major legislation until it ended its various investigation into his administration and businesses and fired back at accusations by Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he had engaged in a “cover-up.”

Read more at The Hill.



    • It is important to appreciate what a buffoon the President is.
      It serves as a reminder not to take him too seriously , in spite of his many “achomlishments”

      • It’s important to realize how biased the press is. They would have never done this to Obama or Hillary. They take every opportunity to embarrass the sitting president

  1. He’s not a nice fellow and he has a very dark history indeed but are we forgetting “their hero” President Clinton and his Oval Office activities after silencing Cathryn Willie and others? How about his first lady’s embrace, loving embrace of Suha Arafat! Or Obama’s love for arabs and his shameful bow to the Chinese emperor! All the while serving as our president. A goy is a goy is a goy! So he spelled achomplishments wrong in his private notes!! So! Did he spell potatoes wrong, a la Dan Quayle!


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