Indian Soldiers Learning How to Defend Themselves Using Israeli Martial Art of Krav Maga


Several dozen members of the Indian military are currently learning how to protect themselves using the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, India Today reported this weekend.

“I brought Krav Maga to India in year 2002 after intensive training in Israel,” Vikram Kapoor — the head instructor at the International Krav Maga Federation — was quoted as saying. “This is the only self-defense technique that is being evolved every moment and that is why it is the best.”

“Krav Maga is all about science of close-quarter battles,” Kapoor went on to explain.

An unnamed Indian commando now taking part in a three-week Krav Mago training session in Delhi told India Today, “We have learnt different kinds of martial arts like karate, boxing and many more, but we found Krav Maga to be the most effective and easy to learn.”

“The biggest advantage in Krav Maga,” he continued, “is that it uses the simple body movements of a human and turns it into a deadly weapon. I don’t think any other martial art in the world has the capability to deal with armed attackers like the Krav Maga has.”

Ties between India and Israel have burgeoned in recent years. This past week, Narendra Modi became the first-ever sitting Indian prime minister to visit the Jewish state.

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