Iranian Army Chief: Any Country That Attacks Us Will Be Hit Along With Israel

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If Iran is attacked from another country’s soil, that country “will be heavily attacked along with the Zionist regime,” Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, chief of staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, warned.

Brig. Gen. Hamid Vahedi, the commander of the Iran Air Force, spoke at the same time about the long-range, air-launched Asef cruise missile, saying that it was built to escape detection by enemy radar and that its warheads carry a hefty payload capable of destroying major fortifications, according to MEMRI.

“If any country in the neighborhood—or anywhere, for that matter—is used in order to attack the Islamic Republic, it will be heavily attacked along with the Zionist regime,” he said.

IRINN TV (Iran) on Tuesday aired a report on the recent unveiling of Oghab-44 Base, an underground “tactical” airbase.

According to the report, the base houses fighter jets equipped with various cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs capable of reaching targets deep within enemy territory. The base and its jets are supposedly safe from American bunker-buster bombs. The report also stated that dozens of such bases could store several months’ worth of fuel and ammunition for the jets.

And at an exposition in the central city of Isfahan on Wednesday, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled a purported ballistic missile with the words “Death to Israel” written in Hebrew down its side. JNS


  1. This is what happens when you let a weak regime get stronger and stronger. The West should have dealt with this regime years ago. Now it will be much harder to deal with them. In another few years, it will be much, much harder.

  2. G-d to Iran: thanks for the memo. Got it already from Og, Sichon, the Egyptians, Amalek, Haman and so on.
    Soon enough you’ll understand why I named you I Ran!
    Hint: with your tail between your legs.

  3. I wonder if these guys in Iran realize that they are incentivizing countries to attack Iran. As example, Saudi Arabia with it middle east allies (Sunni) want Iran (Shiite) wiped off the map, and now they expect that if they attack Iran then Israel will be forced to join them.


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