Iranian Professor: Burning More American Flags Will Create Solidarity With US Protesters


According to a professor at Iran’s Tehran University, burning U.S. flags will help Iran establish solidarity with protesters in the United States.

In an interview with Iran’s Ofogh TV on July 18, professor Foad Izadi said, “We aren’t burning enough American flags.”

It was important to do so, he said, because “we need to prioritize our target audience if we want to start acting in America.”

That audience, he said, was “Americans who have been hurt by America.” Those Americans “who are tearing down statues and burning flags.”

When these people see Iranians burning U.S. flags, he said, this will create “relations and solidarity between us.”

While some Americans would be offended, they would still wonder why the Iranians were doing it, he said.

“Even they will ask,” he said, “What have we done to Iran to cause it to do such a thing?”




    • He’s right! Start by flags? that’s only to show on which side you stand and only for a starter. Next they should show solidarity by calling for defunding of the police, start burning down stores, especially from big corporations (most are probably owned by the elite). How about a cop free zone? Perhaps they should all own guns! (with their temper).how about black lives matter? Perhaps they should do a “non elite lives matter” or Nelm!

      Just find it funny that in the USA, while they indeed burned the confederate flag, they didn’t burn the american flag. That this tyrant should show solidarity by something that wasn’t done here rather than increasing crime in the big cities in the name of solidarity is a bit weird to


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