Israel Expects Oman To Normalize Next, Mossad Chief Says Saudi Deal Soon

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Israeli officials believe Oman is next in line to normalize relations with Israel in the near future, following the Jewish state’s blitz of deals with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and most recently Sudan, according to a report Saturday.

Channel 12 said sources in the government claimed an announcement was even potentially possible before the US presidential election on November 3rd, though they stressed it could take more time, as Muscat would likely wait to see where political winds are blowing in Washington before making any major decisions.

Oman hailed the accords between Israel and the two Gulf states last month, expressing hope they would “contribute to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

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  1. The more they talk about it in advance of it happening, the less likely it becomes as it draws opposition to it from within these Muslim nations. It’s happening now in Sudan and the fierce opposition may yet scuttle the deal. Once done, it becomes harder for the opposition to stop it.

  2. Stop dreaming!
    This is not “peace”.
    This is an application of the Arab proverb ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.
    What we have here is a military pact between the US, the Arabs, and Israel in preparation for war with Iran.
    Not “peace” – WAR!

  3. Foggy by my impression but the Sauds far away are just home. Generally we can cheer. I think the answer is Hashem will value this peace as a broken covenant as we let men like Eric Fingerhut and the unlawful enter Arab countries. It seems not peace but abuse of Torah to allow the unlawful to design a brunch.

  4. Where did he get those shimona bigadim?
    As an aside, why can’t I get a good shave between my upper lip and my nose? The rest of my face I have no problem shaving. It’s just the mustache area. I can never get it smooth like the rest of my face.


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