Israel: No Gatherings Of 2 Or More People, Weddings With Guests

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made a statement on Monday, announcing significant stricter restrictions as part of the fight against the coronavirus.

“In our war on the coronavirus, we are not saving any effort. It is better to get stricter than to ease. Many countries have followed this policy. I will join the government tonight and my guideline is stricter traffic restrictions and expansion of economic benefits,” Netanyahu stated.

From now on, crowds of more than two people and outdoor prayers will be banned. In addition, weddings will only be allowed if no guests are present.

Exceptions will be made for funerals and circumcisions. 20 people will be allowed to attend a funeral and ten at circumcisions. “All of this will take place in open spaces where people maintain social distance from each other,” Netanyahu said.

Addressing the issue of Passover, Netanyahu said: “The seder this year will be remembered as a ‘closed seder’ and I ask that you keep it only within the nuclear family while adhering to the rules. I ask you to do one more thing – avoid family visits on erev Yom Tov. After all, the goal is not to meet people who have been elsewhere in order to avoid the spread of the disease.”

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