Israel Preparing To Send 5,000 Vaccine Doses To Palestinians

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Israel’s Defence Ministry said Sunday that it is preparing to send 5,000 coronavirus vaccine doses to the Palestinian Authority to inoculate medical personnel,¬†following global calls for Israel to ensure Palestinians are vaccinated.

“I confirm we are going to send 5,000 vaccines to medical teams in the Palestinian Authority,” a spokesperson for Defence Minister Benny Gantz said.

The Jewish state has launched an aggressive coronavirus vaccine campaign, an effort widely regarded as the world’s fastest per capita.

More than three million of the country’s nine million people have received the first of two required jabs of the Pfizer vaccine.

Vaccinations have not yet begun in the West Bank, while the Palestinian Authority has not publicly asked for Israel’s help procuring inoculations against the virus.

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  1. WHY? The PA has plenty of money to buy their own vaccines! Any you give them will probably end up with the PA leaders for themselves or their families or they’ll sell it for profit.
    They wanted their own government, let them do something besides paying people to murder Jews or lining their own pockets.

  2. Shame on Israel for giving them any vaccines until every single Israeli gets it. If any Israeli dies while waiting, the govt are murderers

    • And I would say vice versa and so would all those who know the truth, including Netanyahu, i.e. your last few words is the current status of the govt


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