Israel to Hold Unprecedented Third Election in a Year After Knesset Dissolves


Israel is set to hold a third round of elections within 12 months, after a deadline to form a government passed with no politician able to bring together the disparate parties, The Guardian reports.

A time limit to forge a majority coalition in the country’s parliament, the Knesset, expired at midnight on Wednesday, automatically triggering a fresh national ballot.

By law, the poll cannot be held for three months, extending a political deadlock that has paralysed the country deep into next year. Lawmakers were debating late into the night on holding the vote on 2 March.

Israel has been gripped by political paralysis for the best part of a year after two inconclusive votes gave neither Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu nor his rival, Benny Gantz, a clear lead. Both men have attempted to cobble together a 61-seat majority, while also stalling each other’s plays for power. A final 21-day period in which any parliamentarian could be nominated as prime minister also ended with no frontrunner.



  1. & before you know it, there shall be 4th then 5th then 6th then 7th all the way up to the nth election, each-one failing to achieve a 61 majority.

  2. Kein yirbu! May it continue so until Moshiach comes. None of these G-dless anti-Torah candidates are worthwhile leading the Jewish country. Israel should become the 51st State of the US and let G-d-fearing Trump lead the country.

    • Flashback to pre-war Europe where they nicknamed Berlin the “New Jerusalem”. I’d doubt your comment wouldn’t have similar irony in another 80-100 yrs from now.


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