Israeli Army Opposes Woolen Tzitzis

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Lt. Col. Yishai Eitan, head of the IDF Halacha Division, reportedly issued instructions that soldiers must wear tzitzis made of a special cool fabric and not wool.

An unidentified soldier told Radio Kol Chai that although such an order existed, his commanders turned a blind eye when he insisted on a woolen garment. Another soldier, Uri Tam, said that individual commanders sometimes made him remove even the cool fabric tzitzis until he resisted.

An army spokesman explained that soldiers were generally allowed to wear woolen tzitzis. But for extreme weather, when heat exhaustion might be life threatening, the Army Rabbinate supplied cool tzitzis to allow soldiers to maintain their religious lifestyle.


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The GR”A also wore (woolen) tallis and tefillin all day. Let them try that.
    “Cool” tzitzis are likely a mesh material which may not even be cotton but rather a man-made material which would be patur from tzitzis (i.e. they don’t get a mitzvah for wearing). Even cotton mesh begadim may be patur because they are parutz merubah al ha’omeid.

  2. White cotton tzitzis is not as noticeable while the woolen tzitzis with the black stripes look too holy, too Jewish, too religious, too chareidi, hence it needs to outlawed in the shmad army.

  3. Wool tzirzis are made of a very thin fabric, that may be less comfortable than cotton but poses no realistic danger of overheating – we are not talking about a sweater and a coat here. As this has nothing to do with safety, this a clear case of Judenrat trying to impose micromanagement and control.

  4. The arabs wore woolen clothing in the hot protected them from the hat of the sun so whats theheat problem with woolen tzitzis?

    • Did anyone call you a shaigetz or do you have some kind of inferiority complex? Apparently you have missed the topic of the conversation: we are not discussing hilchos tzitzis, we are talking about the judenrat butting in soldiers’ personal matters, completely unrelated to anything military, while welcoming all kinds of toeiva. It is not an isolated incident, but a part of the greater plan to remove Jewishness from the supposedly Jewish state.


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