Israeli Defense Minister Praises Security Coordination with Palestinians 

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman praised the PA security officers who helped extract two IDF soldiers who accidentally drove into the Palestinian city of Jenin on Monday, the Jerusalem Post reports.
“Thanks to the cooperation and security coordination we saw the results. The Palestinian officers and the security coordination deserve a good word. The Palestinians also understand that the security coordination is a mutual interest, which is why we work to preserve it.”
More than 100 members of the PA security forces in civilian and official attire worked to bring the soldiers to safety, a Palestinian security official said Monday. “Our forces pushed the boys on the street away from the soldiers. We then put the soldiers in one of our police cars and brought them to the Israeli authorities in the Civil Administration. We also returned the military vehicle to the Israelis.” One soldier’s weapon, which was taken during the incident, was returned to Israel by Palestinian security officials on Tuesday.
{ Israel}


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